1.0     First public release!
Released: 1999-??-??

    1.1     Added: Copy to clipboard (right click on duplicate lines)
Fixed: Nasty bugs that prevented the program to work as intended.
Fixed: The usual bugfixes...
Released: 1999-10-16

    1.11   Changed: New email address!
Released: 2000-11-14

    1.2     Added: Case sensitive checkbox!
Fixed: Couldn't open files with hidden or protected attribute
Fixed: Bug when scanning several scan in a row
Changed: Interface enhancements
Changed: Skips lines with only spaces
Released: 2001-02-11

    1.3     Added: The program can now remove duplicate lines automatically!
Changed: Tweaked the interface a little bit.
Changed: Updated the manual a bit and added "usage" section.
Released: 2001-08-14

    1.4     Added: Settings window
Added: "Trim Lines" setting
Added: "Include Empty Lines" setting
Released: 2001-08-26

    2.0     Added: Command Line Support!
Added: Support for huge files (Larger than 32768 lines)
Added: Copy All
Added: Copy Selected
Added: Shows more information after scanning files
Added: Settings Are Saved!
Added: A little statistics in the about window
Added: Complete installer & uninstaller!
Added: % indicator when loading and scanning files
Fixed: Now you can overwrite the original file when saving!
Fixed: Progress Meter is more accurate now (although still a bit jerky)
Fixed: Speed optimizations
Fixed: A couple of crash bugs removed
Changed: Converted manual to html
Changed: New about dialog
Changed: Program is now shareware
Changed: Released on rlvision.com
Released: 2003-05-06

    2.1     Added: View window
Released: 2003-08-09

    2.5     Added: Option to trim lines when saving.
Added: Option to not save empty lines.
Added: Drag'n'Drop Support.
Added: 5 new command line switches: /c /r /e /m /t
Fixed: Some bugs
Released: 2004-07-26

    2.51     Fixed: Bug occurring on Windows 2000/XP
Released: 2004-07-29

    2.52     Fixed: Crash that sometimes happened during shutdown
Fixed: Some visual bugs, mainly visible on Windows XP
Released: 2005-01-02

    3.0     Changed: New scanning & saving engine, extremely fast!
Added: Select button.
Added: Start offset option.
Added: Regular expression options.
Added: Copy to Clipboard window.
Changed: Memory optimizations.
Changed: Visual enhancements.
Fixed: Many smaller bugs & tweaks.
Released: 2005-03-15

    4.0     Added: Support for loading multiple files!
Added: Support for Word and Excel files!
Added: Scripting support! (replaces RegExp)
Added: Sorting lines when saving.
Added: Save duplicates to file.
Added: Options to disable warnings.
Added: Support for unix format textfiles.
Changed: Viewer integrated into main window.
Changed: Improved command line support.
Changed: Can save even if no duplicates are found or selected.
Changed: Better statusbar info.
Released: 2006-01-14

    4.1     Added: XP Themed interface!
Added: "Select all but first x duplicates"
Added: "Select all but last x duplicates"
Fixed: Bugs & tweaks.
Released: 2006-06-03

    5.0     Changed: Many improvements to user interface for a more intuitive way of working.
Added: Load and save dialogs with options that were previously located in the settings.
Added: New load options: Ignore whitespace & ignore empty lines.
Added: Pre-Processing filters in load & save options.
Added: Bubble tooltips with convenient help.
Added: Quickstart image for first time users.
Added: Duplicate frequency listing in tools window.
Added: Support for all kinds of Word & Excel filetypes, including the new docx/xlsx.
Added: New select mode: all/none of marked kind.
Fixed: Major bugfixes and improvements to Word and Excel support!
Fixed: Better compatability with 64-bit systems.
Changed: Removed scripting and advanced command line support (might return on request).
Changed: Unregistered now allows saving, but is limited to finding max 5 dups instead.
Released: 2009-05-22

    6.0     Added: Include / Exclude filter in load options!
Added: "Advanced Filter" to pre-processing filter!
Added: Color coding of duplicates makes them easier to read!
Added: Option to 'copy not selected' duplicates in the Tools window
Added: Keyboard shortcuts for select menu (Ctrl+F1 - Ctrl+F9)
Changed: Clicking on line in source jumps to duplicate
Changed: "Disable display" in settings can now be turned off by entering 0
Changed: Some visual enhancements for more intuitivity
Fixed: Minor bugs
Released: 2010-10-20

    6.1     Changed: More whitespaces are now trimmed
Fixed: Various small bugs and tweaks.
Released: 2011-05-17

    6.11     Fixed: Bug preventing Office files to be opened if file extension was not in lower case.
Released: 2011-07-17

    6.12     Fixed: A bug that prevented saving when using the "reduce memory" option.
Released: 2012-01-02

    6.15     Fixed: UFT-16/UTF-32 saving works better, but will warn before saving.
Released: 2012-01-04

    6.16     Fixed: Could not save when using the "reduce memory" option.
Fixed: Could not save preprocessed content in some cases.
Released: 2012-06-05

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