This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.

Install & Uninstall

Flash Renamer is downloaded as a setup file called FlashRenamerXX_Setup.exe, where XX is the major version number. Start the setup exe-file to begin the installation wizard that will guide you through the setup process. All needed files will be installed during the setup. A complete un-installer will also be installed that you can later use if you wish to remove the program from your system. You may need to restart your computer after installing/uninstalling, because some files may be locked by Windows so the installer can not modify them.

Note for Windows 95/NT4 users: Flash Renamer requires a few files that are not included in the installation packages. Most systems have these installed by default, but Windows 95/NT4 users may need to install them separately. The files are most easily obtained by installing Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 of later. If they are not found, Flash Renamer will crash when trying to start.


To upgrade Flash Renamer you simply need to download the new version and install over the old one. You settings will be kept (except for modification made to files located in the Flash Renamer program folder).

It is possible but not recommended to have multiple versions installed at the same time. The problem is that settings only present in the newer version will be deleted every time you run the older version.

Settings Location

Flash Renamer stores its settings in the "common appdata" folder (%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\RL Vision\Flash Renamer\). All users share these settings (except in Vista, see below). Settings will be kept even if you update Flash Renamer.

To easily open the settings folder, start Flash Renamer and open the settings window. Here select the "problem solver" tab and you will find a button that opens the settings folder!

Note: Versions up to 5.1 stored the settings in the Windows registry, and all users had unique settings. Versions 5.2 and above do not store anything in the registry.


Flash Renamer contains a few additional settings that are not accessible from the GUI. The settings are stored in the files Exif.ini, waveformat.txt and Codecs.txt. The files are located in the folder where Flash Renamer was installed (typically c:\Program Files\Flash Renamer\). Power user might want to edit these files. The files will be overwritten each time you install or upgrade Flash Renamer.

Store Settings Locally

It is possible to make Flash Renamer to store the settings in its application folder instead. Simply create a folder in the Flash Renamer program folder (typically c:\Program Files\Flash Renamer) and name it Settings. You can run the utility ImportSettings.exe to copy your settings from the normal settings folder to this newly created folder!

Moving setting to another computer

It is possible to copy the settings folder from one computer to another. Read above to learn where the settings are stored on each computer, and then simply copy the files and/or folders!