This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.


Flash Renamer is Shareware. You may try it out for free, but if you decide to keep it you must register your copy.

Click here to register Flash Renamer!

The unregistered version is not limited in any way, but each time you start the program a shareware window will appear, reminding you to register. There are many benefits when registering:

You can register in several ways. The easiest and fastest is to buy online using your credit card. All major credit cards are accepted and the transaction is 100% secure with money back guarantee, handled by BMT Micro, a well known and trusted e-affiliate. You may also register in various other ways, including PayPal, Switch/Solo, Mail/Fax, Cash check, Wire transfer & Visa/MC debit cards. Please visit the registration page for more info about the ordering options.

When you register a serial number will be sent to you by email. This should be entered into Flash Renamer by choosing "Enter Code" from the shareware window that appears when you start the program. The program will instantly enter registered mode!

Click here to register Flash Renamer!

Personal Note:
    Hi! My name is Dan and I'm the developer of Flash Renamer. Since 1999 I have spent thousands of hours of my spare time developing this program. It started out as a fun little freeware project, and has since grown into a fully fledged application. I still like to work on it, but sometimes it's hard to find the motivation. What keeps me going is that people show their appreciation by registering the program. I want you to know that your support means a lot to me!

    You'll be pleased to know, that your money does not fund another multinational corporation trying to take over the world. The little pocket money I get is mostly spent on computer stuff (and the occasional beer :-) , so I can continue to develop Flash Renamer and other software. Support independent developers!