This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.

Tips & Tricks

Since most people can't be bothered to read the whole manual, I have compiled this page of useful information that will quickly help you become a master at using Flash Renamer!

  • Tooltips
  • Manual Rename (F2)
  • Format Tags
  • Swapping parts of filenames
  • Keyboard browsing
  • Automating batch renaming
  • Asking for user input
  • Creating custom file lists
  • Custom file order sorting
  • More fun with the preview column
  • Jpeg image Exif tags
  • In and out of folders
  • How long are my filenames?
  • Easy music album track names
  • Move your files!
  • Automatically detect filetype extensions
  • Windows Explorer right click menu does not load files in the correct order!