This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.

Add Function

The Add function allows you to add strings and metadata tags to your filenames.

Remove Function

The Remove function allows you to delete a certain number of characters from the filenames.

    You have a folder full of files to burn to a CD. If the filenames are too long the CD-Burner program will shorten them to fit on the CD, so you want to make sure that all filenames are within the legal length.
    The allowed length of the filenames depends on the file-format of the CD. A common limit is 64 character. This includes the file extension. Using Flash Renamer you can easily check your filenames before burning!

    Begin by unchecking "Process Extension" from the common options at the top. Next choose the "Remove" function and set it to "Remove 999 chars at Pos 60 from The Beginning of the filename".

    Now something interesting happens! The preview view will begin to show only files that have names that are too long. This makes it really easy to find and correct the filenames! The best way is to work your way through the preview field, manually renaming the files. Once they disappear from the preview list, they are safe to burn!

    To manually rename files press F2!

    The above example assumes that the length of the filename extension is 3. If your files have longer or shorter extensions you will have to compensate for this.