This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.

Music Tagger

Music tags are metadata inside music files that contain information about the artist, song, album etc. It is the recommended way to store this kind of information, since it is more "durable" that for example the filename. Most software & hardware use the tags for displaying song information.

There are many different types of tags, depending on music file format, and Flash Renamer can write most of them: Mp3 ID3 (v1/v2), Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, Ogg Flac, Windows Media Audio (WMA), Musepack (MPC), True Audio (TTA), WavePack (WV), MP4 (M4A, M4B, M4P & M4R).

Choosing fields

Next to each field (e.g. "Artist") you will see a checkbox. If you do not enable this, the field will not be written and the current value (assuming there is one) will be left intact.

How do I write the tags based on the filenames?
    Assume that your mp3s have their filenames structured like this: artist - album - title. Click on Setup Parts and enter this: <%1> - <%2> - <%3>. This means that the <%> tags will be "loaded" with different parts of the filename. Now you can simply use these tags a input in the Mp3 tagger function!

Using the mp3 tagger can be difficult to understand. To make it easier there is a "quick setup" button that will automatically perform the above actions for you!

    This function does not have any undo!

Mp3 Writer Options

Clicking on "(mp3 options)" opens a small window with extra options specific to writing Mp3 ID3 tags.

Code library

Flash Renamer contains two code libraries for writing mp3 tags. The internal routines and TagLib, an open source library. TagLib is generally more modern, but there may be some problems with it. It's up to you to decide which library to use.

Version to write (only when using internal routines)

The checkboxes have three states: