This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.


A Preset is a collection of rename functions that are grouped together and can be executed in one go. This allows you save time by placing common rename tasks into presets and then easily run them whenever you need to!

For example, say that you always rename your new files in a certain way: First you remove underscores and replace with spaces. Then you set the casing of the files. Finally you remove the write protected attributes. This requires you to perform three different tasks. With the preset system you can gather these three tasks into one Preset, and then run the preset instead!

The preset system is divided into two parts, Manage & Run:

Preset Manager

The Preset Manager is located at a tab in the top right corner of the program, next to the "Browser" and "Free Select" tabs. This is where you add, delete and modify your presets.

Press the "New" button to create a new, empty preset. To add a rename function, do like you would have normally done when you use the function (select the function's tab and make the settings). When you are done (this is where you normally would have pressed the rename button) press the "Add" button to add the function to your preset! Repeat this for all functions you wish to add to the preset.

Since the rename commands in a Preset is executed from top to bottom, the order in which they appear can be important. Use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to move rename commands.

Run Preset

Now that you have a preset it is time to execute it. Among the rename functions (the tabs to the left) you will find a "Preset" tab. On this tab simply select the preset you want to run and press the rename button! All the functions stored in your preset will be executed in a single run!

Shell Extension

The preset system is also used in the shell extension system. When you right click on one or more files in Windows Explorer, a Flash Renamer menu will appear. From here you can choose to rename the selected files using one of your presets. This is a fast and convinient way to rename your files without having to manually start Flash Renamer each time you need to rename some files!