This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.


Scripting is form of programming that allows you to extend Flash Renamer and give it new functions! It is not particular hard, but it requires some basic knowledge of computer programming.

Scripts are simple textfiles with the file extension frs (Flash Renamer Script). All scripts must be put in the Script folder inside the settings folder. To begin making your own script, I recommend that you have a look at the example distributed with Flash Renamer, called Example - Base for New Script.frs.

If you create a useful script, send it to me and I might include it in the next version of Flash Renamer!

Flash Renamer use the Windows Script Host, which means that it can use any scripting language you have installed on your system. The default is VBScript. To use another language you must enter its name on the first line inside the script (see the example scripts).


When executing, Flash Renamer will call the following functions inside your script.

Exposed variables & functions

Flash Renamer exposes parameters and functions though the read-only object FlashRenamer. The following are available at the moment: