This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.

Global Options

Here you can choose what items to include and how the program should work. Some of these options will be disabled depending on what rename mode you are currently in.

Counter Setup

This is where you decide what your counter should look like, either when using the "Add Counter" function above, or when using the <counter> tag in another function.

Click on the "link" to open the Setup Counter window:

Include Filter

The include filter tests each filename before renaming, to determine if it is to be renamed or not. This allows you to process only some files based on very specific rules:

  • Whole Path / Extension - The include filter will always test matches against the filename, but you can also tell it to test again the whole path and/or filename extension.

  • Include only files matching / containing - This is where the magic occurs. The string you enter here is tested against each filename to see if they match. Only matching files will be processed by rename function.

    If you only enter a normal string (eg "hello") then files that contain this string are matched. You can also enter a wildcard string (eg "hello*") for more advanced matches. The following wildcards are allowed:

  • Regular Expression - Regular Expressions allows for very advanced matchings. Read more about Regular Expressions here. Note that when using RegExp you can no longer use the ordinary wildcards.

  • Exclude files matching / containg - This is the oppositve of the include filter above. You can run it alone or together with the include filter. If run together, it is applied after the include filter, so you can tell the program to first include a certain file set, and then from this set exclude some of the files.

    Note: When you create presets, the include filters are saved together with each preset item. Different items can have different include filters. The filename is tested for inclusion at the moment that item is running. Preset items running before can thus modify the filename in a way the the include filter in the next preset item reacts upon. You can override this behaviour by using the option below the preset list at the "run preset" page.


    The pre-processor filters out a section of the filename. Only this section is then processed by the actual rename function. This way you can pinpoint what parts of the filenames to rename! Here is an example:

    All options you see below are processed from top to bottom. So if one options alters a filename, the next option will get this processed filename instead of the original.

  • Offset beginning - This allows you skip part of the beginning of the filename.
  • Limit length - This allows you to skip part of the end of the filename.
  • Advanced filter - This allows you to match a specific section of the filename using wildcards. Only this section is kept. For example, searching for is* in Flash Renamer is fantastic! will find is fantastic!. The following wildcards are allowed: