This is a page from the Flash Renamer user manual.



The Flash Renamer interface can be divided into six parts:

  1. File list
  2. Global options
  3. Function select
  4. Rename settings
  5. Execute buttons
  6. Status bar

File List

Here you see the files and folder that are to be renamed by the program. The second column shows a preview of what the filenames will look like after it has been renamed, so you don't have to guess and make a mistake.

Above the file list is a checkbox that allows you to enter thumbnail mode. In thumbnail mode image files will show as a small preview of the image. Most common image formats are supported, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and Photoshop PSD.

At the top you see three tabs, Browser, Free Select and Preset Manager:

Global Options

Here you will find various options that determine what files or folders to rename, and other options that are used by all the rename functions (where applicable). For a closer look at the global options, continue reading here.

Function Select

Flash Renamer consists of many functions that each renames your files in a different way. Here you select which function to use. First click on one of the round buttons to select the category, then click on one of the tabs underneath to select the function you want to use.

Rename Settings

When you have selected a function (above) it is time to configure it, so that it renames your files the way you want it. Each function is explained in detail if you click on the function name in the menu to the left in this manual.

Execute Buttons

Status Bar

The status bar shows useful information about the what the program is currently doing and the number of files & folders currently included.