Download Flash Renamer here!


The streamlined interface is fast and
easy to work with. (click to enlarge)

Flash Renamer is ideal for managing
digital photo collections.

The preview area shows your new filenames
before you actually rename anything!

You can quickly rename your files
directly from Windows Explorer.

UPPER CASE, lower case or Word Case...
How do you want your filenames?

Find & replace strings within filenames.
Supports regular expressions!

Add strings at certain positions,
or remove part of the filenames.

Powerful Mp3 renaming tools - No more strange
names on your downloaded music!

Add number sequences (001, 002, 003, ...)
Pad existing numbers with zeros to make them sort correctly.

Modify file attributes & dates.
Exif image dates is supported!

Use the advanced format function to
tailor your filenames into perfection!

Save your favourite rename operations as "presets"
that you can easily recall at a later time.


Download Flash Renamer here!

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