v6.8 (2016-03-20)
  • New shell extension library that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows!
  • New format tags for images and video: and
  • Preset items can now be recalled by double clicking
  • Bug fixes, smaller tweaks and updates here and there
v6.73 (2014-06-03)
  • Improved support for high DPI settings
  • User can now decide when to save settings (see Settings->Settings)
  • Support for reading monkeys audio (ape) and some raw image formats
  • Added two new tags: &
  • A few crash bugs corrected, and many other small fixes and tweaks
v6.72 (2012-12-22)
  • Added a column to the file list with "custom" content, where you decide what to display using <tags>!
  • Some smaller tweaks and fixes as usual.
v6.71 (2012-06-13)
  • Fixed a tiny problem with drag-and-drop
v6.7 (2012-06-10)
  • Added relative positioning to move function!
  • Added maintain space before and after char to space function!
  • Added replace underscore to space function!
  • Included new script: Extract XML/HTML tag from file
  • Fixed around 15 bugs plus 10 or so minor tweaks
v6.58 (2012-01-06)
  • Add & Remove can now be used simultaneously!
  • A few minor fixes here and there
v6.57 (2011-12-08)
  • Added "reset on base name change" to counters!
v6.56 (2011-11-15)
  • The previous version had a problem that could cause it to freeze when starting a rename that has been fixed now.
v6.55 (2011-11-13)
  • Fixed 10 or so rare bugs, plus some smaller tweaks.
v6.54 (2011-05-25)
  • Added buttons to add and remove Flash Renamer from SendTo menu in Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed a tiny bug with the tag menu and made some smaller GUI tweaks.
v6.53 (2011-05-21)
  • Tweaked mp3 reading to avoid crashes.
  • Slightly optimized loading times.
v6.52 (2011-05-04)
  • Fixed 2 additional bugs found in v6.5.
v6.51 (2011-04-12)
  • Fixed a couple of small bugs.
v6.5 (2011-03-23)
  • Added CSV list function!
  • Added Move function!
  • Added support for reading Exif tags in Tiff images, and also GeoTiff tags!
  • Added support for reading Exif GPS tags and many Exif makernotes!
  • Added support for reading IPTC image tags!
  • New music tagging library with enhanced performance!
  • Added "Reset at" option to counter setup!
  • Added support for reading music tags in wma, mp4, mpc, tta, wv, m4a, m4b, m4p && m4r files!
  • Added support for writing music tags in ogg, wma, mp4, flac, mpc, spx, tta, wv, m4a, m4b, m4p && m4r files!
  • Added support for extending Flash Renamer with the amazing ExifTool!
  • Set Date function can now add and subtract time intervals!
  • Set date function can now set the date of a folder to first Exif file found inside!
  • Set date function can now get dates from filenames.
  • Command line now accepts filenames at startup (loaded into free select).
  • Added options to add content of folder when adding a folder to free select (instead of just the folder itself).
  • New property exposed to scripts: GetAllFilenames
  • New format tags for music folders: <DirLength> <DirLengthS>
  • New folder format tags: <FirstFileInFolder> <FirstFileInFolder-Ext>
  • New format tags returning parts of filenames: <Left-#> <Right-#> <Mid-#> <Mid-#-#> <MidRev-#> <MidRev-#-#>
  • Added CRC32 format tag: <Crc32>
  • Added zero padded versions of some tags: <SizeB-#> <DirSizeB-#> <RndZ#-Low-High>
  • New design in settings window!
  • Added setting: uncheck filters at startup
  • Added setting: If filenames already exist
  • Many smaller interface enhancements
  • Around 30 other tweaks and small bugs fixed.
v6.41 (2010-02-20)
  • Just a few minor fixes discovered since the release last week.
v6.4 (2010-02-14)
  • Added Pre-Processor!
  • Added Include Filter!
  • Added "Keep / Replace Filename" for Add Counter function
  • Added preset option to overide global options
  • New script included: Rotate Around
  • Added copy/paste functionality to preset manager
  • Several optimizations for large filesets
  • Some interface layout & visual enhancements
  • Many smaller changes to fix quirks and increase usability
  • Some other enhancements suggested by users (thank you!)
  • 10+ bugfixes
v6.31 (2009-11-14)
  • Fixed 3 bugs introduced with last version.
v6.3 (2009-11-08)
  • Added 'lowercase exceptions' (according to English spelling rules) to Set Casing function.
  • Added 'preserve all upper case' and 'preserve mixed case' to Set Casing function.
  • Added 'skip' to Replace function (replaces 'start')
  • Added 'remove' as option to ReNumber function.
  • Added 'zero pad to keep original length' to ReNumber function.
  • Added support for negative values in ReNumber function.
  • Added 6 tags that can extract info from PDF documents.
  • Added two new scripts: 'CSV List Rename' and 'Length of Filename'.
  • Added 'Problem Solver' tab with many useful options in settings window.
  • Improvements for running on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Many fixes to the Counter functions.
  • ~45 other bug fixes and smaller enhancements!
v6.2 (2009-02-20)
  • Flash Renamer turning 10 years old in a couple of days!
  • Added support for Ogg Vorbis, Flac and Speex music tags!
  • Music & exif tags will now get info from first file inside folder if used on a folder.
  • Added overwrite to Add Number function simple mode.
  • Advanced mode in Add Number function is back!
  • Added options to customize the initial selection of "manual rename".
  • New tags: <Clipboard>, <NowDate>, <NowTime>
  • New scripts included: "Unique Random Number" and "Safe Characters".
  • Improved 64-bit compatability.
  • Fixed a problem with Data Execution Protection (DEP) on some machines.
  • Various fixes and enhancements to issues, many reported by users. (Thank you for all your support!)
v6.1 (2008-07-21)
  • Added "auto" button to Setup Parts window & Mp3 tagger!
  • Numerous fixes, enhancements & tweaks to perfect the 6.x version!
v6.04 (2008-05-16)
  • Fixed a bug that screwed up the last filename when using counters.
v6.03 (2008-05-04)
  • Yet more preset bugs fixed, plus a running counter bug.
v6.02 (2008-04-05)
  • Fixed an ugly bug involving presets and also improved some error handling routines.
v6.01 (2008-03-17)
  • Just a few smaller fixes.
v6.0 (2008-02-20)
  • Added ID3 Writer function!
  • Added Renumber function!
  • Added Scripting function!
  • Added ID3 Tag Remover function!
  • Lots of GUI changes to make it faster and more intuitive to use!
  • New file list column: Date image taken
  • New manual layout for faster & easier navigation, and searchable too!
  • Integrated "FlashRen.ini" into normal settings, and added more tweaks!
  • Shell extension: Right click menu now contains a copy to clipboard feature
  • New format tags: <JpgComment> , <NumFiles> , <ExifDate-#>
  • More hotkeys for fast function switching.
  • Included script: "Insert Space Before Caps"
  • Included script: "Create Mp3 Playlist"
  • ...and of course many tweaks! And some bugfixes too...
v5.3 (2007-07-15)
  • New mp3-library: Should be more accurate and also adds 40+ new ID3v2 Mp3 format tags!
  • New thumnail generator: Faster, better looking thumbnails in 20+ image formats!
  • Added 'ask' format tag. Very useful for presets!
  • Added 'parent-n' format tag that will return the n:th parent folder name!
  • Improved 'rnd#' format tag so that it can now take high and low values!
  • Improved 'date', 'adate' & 'cdate' format tags to allow user define date formats .
  • Added 'copy to folder' and 'move to folder' to the right click menu.
  • The log in the rename window can now be hidden.
  • The log file can now be disabled.
  • All columns can now be individually turned on/off
  • Column order is now saved
  • 25+ tweaks & bugfixes.
v5.2 (2007-05-19)
  • Added context menu when right clicking in Windows Explorer!
  • Added ability to delete files from disk directly from file browser!
  • Added dropdown menu with history on all input boxes!
  • Improved <tag> selection menu.
  • Improved compatability with Windows Vista.
  • Setup should be able to keep all settings between versions from now on.
  • Added some new good looking icons.
  • Fifteen or so bugfixes & tweaks.
v5.11 (2006-12-23)
  • Fixed three bugs and made the Visual Assist dropdown larger.
v5.1 (2006-12-17)
  • Added regular expressions!
  • Undo is now unlimited!
  • Added overwrite mode in Add function!
  • Some new settings.
  • A few tweaks and bugfixes.
v5.06 (2006-11-04)
  • Now you can load a file list at startup using the command line!
v5.05 (2006-09-19)
  • Added "running counter" to the "add counter" function!
  • Fixed some tricky bugs.
v5.03 (2006-06-29)
  • Fixed a tiny bug & tweaked tabstops.
v5.02 (2006-06-03)
  • Folder brower is now resizable!
  • Fixed some bugs.
v5.01 (2006-05-20)
  • Fixed a bug when entering registration code.
  • Fixed a rare bug when reading Exif tags.
v5.0 (2006-05-14)
  • Added Presets!
  • Added filename Editor!
  • XP Theme support & other interface ehancements.
  • Wildcard support in Replace!
  • All <tags> can now be used in all functions that use tags, as well as the Replace, Add & Edit functions.
  • Now supports unlimited number of files & folders.
  • Added tag: Mp3 Bitrate Mode (CBR/VBR).
  • Added FlashRen.ini file with more settings for advanced users.
  • Image format tags now read Tga images.
  • Improved command line support.
  • Added Quickstart window.
  • Many tweaks & bug fixes.
v4.81 (2005-07-11)
  • A couple of bugs fixed.
v4.8 (2005-04-24)
  • Added support for reading Exif date & tags in Jpeg files!
  • Added "Source" in the "Set Date" function with 6 different options!
  • Some tweaks and fixes, as usual.
v4.71 (2005-02-06)
  • Middle mouse button now triggers manual rename!
  • A few bugfixes and tweaks.
v4.7 (2005-01-25)
  • Added filter options to "set date".
  • "Set date" can now modify folder dates too (NT systems only).
  • New option in settings window: "Get folder icons too".
  • Default "batch replace" list now contains almost 100 items!
  • Included "invalid_chars.txt" & "time_date_format.txt" for users who want more control.
  • Everything should now work flawless over Windows networks.
  • Optimized file reading routines for faster loading times.
  • Major optimizations to "restore selelection" and "restore order" after renames!
  • Some visual enhancements.
  • About 35 bugs fixed.
  • About 30 other enhancements and tweaks "under the hood".
v4.62 (2004-02-08)
  • Added Format tag: "Created Date"
  • Added Format tag: "Created Time"
  • Added Format tag: "Accessed Date"
  • Added Format tag: "Accessed Time"
  • Added 7 new ways to "Copy to Clipboard"
  • Included default "batch replace" list.
  • Made some enhancements to the interface.
  • Fixed about 10 bugs.
v4.61 (2003-09-21)
  • Sequential renaming now accepts negative values.
  • Should look ok now when using "large fonts" in Windows.
  • Fixed a few bugs...
v4.6 (2003-08-03)
  • Added option to auto-close log window.
  • Added option to disable re-sorting of files after execution.
  • Added support for TIFF, ILBM/IFF, PSD & PSP images in the Format tags.
  • 30 or so bug fixes and smaller changes.
v4.5 (2003-01-27)
  • Added Batch Replace mode!
  • Added start option to Find & Replace
  • Added count option to Find & Replace
  • Added "Visual Assist" window to make the interface more intuitive!
  • Improved command line support!
  • Added "copy filelist" to popup menu!
  • Added "select files with/without preview" to popup menu!
  • Added Format tag: First letter in filename
  • Added Format tag: First letter in filename incl. Numbers
  • Added Format tag: First letter in filename inlc. Number Substitute
  • Added option to rename all files if no file is selected when only rename selected is enabled.
  • A lot of bug fixes, nothing serious though...
v4.11 (2002-10-07)
  • Fixed a crash bug when using treview!
v4.1 (2002-09-21)
  • Added thumbnail view!
  • Added history dropdown on for path input
  • Added "Select All / None / Invert" to popup menus
  • Added progress indicator when building listview
  • Directories are automatically sorted correctly
  • Selections are now preserved between renames
  • File order is now preserved between renames
  • File listings & renaming can now be cancelled by presing escape
  • Slight changes to crop function to make it more logical
  • Changed Format with Parts to work better for cases near end of filename.
  • Added CTRL+C on listviews to copy filename.
  • Space trimming now works again(!)
  • Fixed some bugs with "only rename selected"
  • Did a lot of tweaking to the interface
  • Fixed many other small bugs
v4.0 (2002-07-21)
  • Added Listviews!
  • Added Drag & Drop mode!
  • Added Instant Preview!
  • Added "Set Date & Time" funcion (Only files for now)
  • Added "Only process selected" option
  • Added "Enum reset between dirs" option
  • Added Manual rename in listviews
  • Added popup menus to listviews
  • Added Refresh button (Shortcut "F12")
  • Added Parent Dir button (Shortcut "Backspace")
  • Added Mp3 ID3v2 Support!
  • Added Mp3 tag "Layer" (Now separated from "Mpeg")
  • Added Mp3 tag "Normalized Track Number"
  • Added Mp3 tag "Composer"
  • Added Mp3 tag "Original Artist"
  • Added Mp3 tag "Copyright"
  • Added Mp3 tag "Encoded By"
  • Added Mp3 tag "BPM"
  • Added Mp3 tag "Move to Subdir"
  • Added Format tag: "Move to Subdir"
  • Added Format tag: Number of Files in Dir.
  • Added Format tag: Number of Dirs. in Dir.
  • Added Format tag: Size of Files in Dir. (Auto)
  • Added Format tag: Size of Files in Dir. (Bytes)
  • Added Format tag: Number of Files in Dir. & SubDirs
  • Added Format tag: Number of Dirs. in Dir. & SubDirs
  • Added Format tag: Size of Files in Dir. & SubDirs (Auto)
  • Added Format tag: Size of Files in Dir. & SubDirs (Bytes)
  • Added Format tag: Image/Movie Width
  • Added Format tag: Image/Movie Height
  • Added Format tag: Image/Movie Color Depth (Cols)
  • Added Format tag: Image/Movie Color Depth (Bits)
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Length (Long)
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Length (Short)
  • Added Format tag: Movie Framerate
  • Added Format tag: Movie Bitrate (kBps)
  • Added Format tag: Movie Compression
  • Added Format tag: Movie Has Sound?
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Audio Stereo Mode
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Audio Freq. (Hz)
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Audio Freq. (kHz)
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Audio Bits
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Audio Bitrate (kBps)
  • Added Format tag: Movie/Wave Audio Format
  • Added Format tag: Html Title
  • Added global log file (log.txt)
  • Added Statusbar
  • Added "Startup in last dir" option
  • Added "Uncheck subdirs at startup" option
  • Added "Hide system folders" option
  • Changed installer to Inno Setup
  • Listviews & treeview now shows system icons!
  • Rewritten "Enum" function. Now works inside the main gui!
  • Doubleclick to open files
  • Main window is now resizable
  • Much improved error handling
  • Number normalize will now also strip zeros to reach desired length.
  • Number normalize will now remove all numbers if zero padding is 0.
  • Flash Renamer is now Shareware.
  • Plus hundreds of smaller enhancements and fixes!
v3.02 (2001-08-04)
  • Oops! Forgot to remove some debug code. Format with Parts should work again!
v3.01 (2001-07-29)
  • Some bug fixes
v3.0 (2001-07-14)
  • Added space trimming functions
  • Added file detection function
  • Added advanced free format functions
  • Added enumeration functions
  • Added normalize numbers function
  • Added position to add/crop
  • Added case convert exceptions
  • Added explorer shell integration
  • Added random options to case convert
  • Added ability to use file patterns
  • Added swap mode to find/replace
  • Added save log feature
  • Added option to show full path in log window
  • Added settings window
  • Added option to always show directories in treeview for easier navigation
  • Added splash screen
  • Added options to choose whether to just rename filename, file extension or both
  • Added counter that shows total number of files & directories renamed with Flash Renamer
  • Added track number & file extension to mp3 rename
  • Now ships with complete installer/uninstaller
  • Re-wrote the find/replace function. Works better and faster now
  • Right click on treeview to copy name to clipboard
  • All commands now available through keyboard (Press F5 to execute)
  • New windows style directory requester
  • New logotype
  • Speeded up simulation mode
  • Small speed enhancements
  • Fixed quite serious (although harmless) bug when renaming dirs.
  • Plus many other bug fixes & interface enhancements...
  • Flash Renamer is now released through RL Vision.
v2.1 (2000-12-30)
  • Added command line interface!
  • Fixed some bugs.
v2.01 (2000-12-09)
  • Fixed a couple of minor things.
v2.0 (2000-12-03)
  • Added "Mp3" tab!
  • Added "Add & Crop" tab!
  • Added manual path input!
  • Wrote this manual.
  • Added "Invert" to convert case tab.
  • All settings are now saved in Windows registry.
  • Complete status is saved in settings.
  • Added skipped items to log.
  • Added minimize button.
  • Slight speed improvement.
  • Some enhancements & bug fixes.
  • Better error handling.
v1.3 (1999-03-21)
  • Fixed quite serious "Find & Replace" bug!
  • Minor enhancements & bug fixes.
v1.2 (1999-03-15)
  • Fixed a "case sensitive" bug.
  • Added "No Change" to "Case Convert" tab.
  • Better tabbing through controls.
  • Added ability to process files with "system" attribute set.
  • Added simulation mode.
v1.1 (1999-03-11)
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Lots of visual improvements.
  • Small changes to manual.
v1.0 (1999-03-06)
  • First public release
v0.9 (1999-03-05)
  • Beta release, friends only

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