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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer

Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 18:36:03 +0200

Hello again!

> First, as I'd mentioned before it truncates filenames when using the MP3
> rename option. Even though the ID tags contain longer names, the combined
> length of the artist plus song title gets truncated to 49 characters plus
> the dot and mp3 extension. This is consistent every time I rename mp3s.

Still, I can't get this to happen.

Just to be sure I must check this with you:

There are two versions of the ID3 tag, v1 and v2. Flash Renamer only supports v1. v1 has got limitations: each tag (artist/title/...) can only be up to 32 characters long. v2 does not have this limit. (Looking in winamp you will see v1 to the left and v2 to the right). Sometimes the v1 tag will be a copy of the v2 tag, but shortened to fit the 32 character limit.

Are you sure that the files you rename uses v1? If yes, then I suppose that it really is a bug. I will try to reproduce it somehow. It might have something to do with the WinNT filesystem...
> Second, I get "An error occurred in function getFileInfo(). Please notify
> the software developer." when using the Format function. I've included
> captures of both the error and the options just before I hit execute. It
> also happens if I select the parent directory, Music in this case, and the
> Subdirectories option. The files being renamed are .bmp files with pretty
> random names.

This bug should be fixed by now! Most probably it was because you did not define any "parts" in the format tab. You can find an updated version (3.02) with this fix on our website!
> I also received a similar error one other time but can't quite remember what
> the circumstances were.
Let me know if you find it again!

Thank you for the bug report.


Information Manager
RL Vision

Email: *****@*****
Website: http://www.rlvision.com

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