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Subject: I love Flash Renamer & PDF Image Extractor, suggestion & question

Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 19:36:56 +0100


There is a crop function at the "Add & Crop" tab! If you modify it you can
have it "crop to" like you want to. See the manual for more info (look for
the "64 character limit" again).

DVDs can have up to 256 charcaters if they are burnt using the UDF file
format. (Note: in Nero, the default file format is ISO, which is the same as
on CDs, so you have to change this manually)

PDF documents store some images uncompressed, and these are extracted as BMP
to avoid quality loss. In the future I will think about adding a built in
converter for this!

// Dan

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Subject: I love Flash Renamer & PDF Image Extraction Wizard, suggestion & question

After manually renaming files for years (except sequential files, which
ACDSee Classic does), this is very helpful! I've noticed there is no "crop
to" function though. You mention in your help that CDs often have a 64
character limit, so being able to automatically crop all files that exceed
this would be great. (Btw, do DVDs have a 255 character filename limit? I
just got myself a DVD burner and am not sure.)

PDF Image Extraction Wizard is also great, but I notice some images output as BMPs,
others as JPGs. Is that just how they were input? I use PictureGirdle to
batch convert BMPs to JPGs, but it would be a bonus if PDF Image Extraction Wizard
could do that as well.

Thank you for creating the excellent shareware and freeware!


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