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Subject: Re: I love Flash Renamer & PDF Image Extractor, suggestion &

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:37:59 +0100

Have you tried using the crop function like this:

Crop 999 chars at pos 7 starting at beginning of filename.

This should "crop to" 7 characters. 999 is that high to make sure that all
characters after 7 are removed.

If I misunderstood you, please show me a list of filenames, before and
after, and I will have a look at it!

// Dan

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Subject: Re: I love Flash Renamer & PDF Image Extraction Wizard, suggestion &

> > There is a crop function at the "Add & Crop" tab! If you modify it you can
> > have it "crop to" like you want to. See the manual for more info (look for
> > the "64 character limit" again).

Hi Dan,

The manual says it can "show only files that have names that are too long"
but that I have to manually rename the files. It can crop x characters off
the beginning or end automatically, but it can't "crop to" x characters
automatically, if I understand it correctly.

I'm just saying it could be helpful in the future, and for more than
cropping to ISO format. I have a lot of filenames that have excess info
after a standardized format, like PDVD001.jpg and
PDVD001GreatStarshipPicture.jpg, that I want to crop to 7 characters to
share with others.

> > DVDs can have up to 256 charcaters if they are burnt using the UDF file
> > format. (Note: in Nero, the default file format is ISO, which is the same
> > on CDs, so you have to change this manually)

Thanks for the tip!

> > PDF documents store some images uncompressed, and these are extracted as
> > to avoid quality loss. In the future I will think about adding a built in
> > converter for this!

Understood, and thank you.


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