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Subject: Aha! Crop-to function works! :-) and another question

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 23:10:32 +0100

Glad you got the crop function working! But the set time issue is something
I have never heard of before. I have tested the program on both NTFS and
FAT, and so far I have not had any trouble (except for FAT which does not
support all attributes). You don't tell me the source of the date, but if
you are getting the date from exif tags, it might be that they are empty?
Otherwise I can not think of anything right now...

// Dan

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Subject: Aha! Crop-to function works! :-) and another question

I followed your instructions and it worked! Now that I got it to work, I
don't remember how I tried and failed to it before, but something that did
confuse me was "To manually rename files press F2!" and the preceding
paragraph in the manual.

I understand that in some cases, you'll want to manually rename files rather
than have it automatically cut off in the middle of a word or something, but
the lack of indication that you can also *automatically* crop-to helped me
to believe that it couldn't.

So adding a note about that in the next version of the manual would be a
help. (unless I missed that too, which is a possibility :-) Thank you for
the patient explanation and of course for coding this baby!

I found something puzzling. I can't seem to modify the time attribute with
Flash Renamer. I have NTFS on C:, which is where I'm trying to change it. If
I try changing the modified hour, min & sec, it leaves time off altogether
in Flash Renamer's (time/date) changed column, and give me 0:00:00 reading
the modified date file attributes in Windows Explorer. If I change only the
hour &/or min, it sometimes adjusts only the modified hour &/or min, but to
0:00 rather than the requested time. Other times, it leaves the time off

Any ideas? I have a FAT32 drive (H:), but I've never used Flash Renamer on
any files in it.


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