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Subject: Time change weirdness

Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 15:50:29 +0100

I tried running Flash Renamer on XP SP2, both using both Swedish and
American locale settings, but it works fine for me. I can't really figure
out what could be causing this problem. It might be something weird in your
system. Until I can find a way to reproduce it, there is nothing I can do...

// Dan

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Subject: Time change weirdness

> > You don't tell me the source of the date, but if
> > you are getting the date from exif tags, it might be that they are empty?
> > Otherwise I can not think of anything right now...

EXIF tags? Oh, sorry. "Enter date below." I'm setting it manually.

As I said, the day modified changes fine. But if I change the hour, min &
sec attributes, the time blanks in the Changed column, as if it no longer
reads it, even after program restart. Windows Explorer reads it as 0:00:00.

If I change just the hour or min, it'll go to 0.57.23 or 0.00.23, as if I
put 0's into the hour and minute column but I did not.

Also, if I try to undo it, Flash Renamer crashes with "Run-time error type
13. Type mismatch." It's a repeatable error. I'm using WinXP SP2 with Flash
Renamer 4.81.


PS: I love how the path changes from red to black when it senses a real one.
Is there a keyboard shortcut to get to that field? I know F3, F9 and

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