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Subject: Re: Flash renamer 4.8

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 21:02:33 +0100

Hi Brian,

Flash Renamer is the ideal program if you need to rename several files at once. In Flash Renamer you can for example seach for a text string, and replace it with something else, and the program will do so with all selected files.


Flash Renamer will only change the filename, not the content of the file. If you change the mp3 extension to wav, you don't change the file format. Even though the filename is named differently it still contains mp3 data. For that you need a program that converts, in this case, mp3 sound to wav sound. (I am not familiar with "properties plus", pehaps this is what it is doing?)

// Dan

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Subject: Flash Renamer 4.8

My grandchildren often download music with the mp3 extension, they then change the extension to .wav, each one separately using Properties Plus. Could they rename them all, usually about 20 at a time, by using Flash Renamer?
I've never had any need for such a programme in the past so have no idea how they work.
Many thanks

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