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Subject: Re: Your software is missing a very important feature

Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 19:12:56 +0100


Wildcard will be added v5, which is the version I am currently working on! You can use the "format" function to do similar things as wildcard, if you use the "parts". Look in the manual for more info.

If you use the crop function you can tell the program to remove from the end of the filename!

// Dan

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Subject: Your software is missing a very important feature

It's missing wildcards.. For example I am relabeling a lot of manga zip files.. they go by names like.. Mahou Sensei Negima V01 Ch01 [AW].zip now the v in large when converting case is aweful.. but their is no wildcards so I can't go into the exception file and list something things like... v# v## or even v? v?? to represent any character which limits the capability of Flash Renamerrs anywheres. Or the same file may have mahou_sensei_negima_v01_c001_[aw][a343232].zip so I do a quick replace _ with a space and than I have to do a convert case, crop the ending off, and than do replaces.. for #1 thing c001 looks aweful and since no wild cards I have to do a replace to replace with ch001 but than I may get two chch002 where it was named correctly so than I have to do a replace for all chch to ch. Which is a real pain and #2 it would be nice to be able to remove from the right so I can say start from the end of the file and remove the last 9 characters.. especially since when dealing with video files they alot of times have the names of the episodes making it impossible to do a crop and I have to manually crop each and every file. This is getting old a good Flash Renamerr should have these capabilities built in.


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