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Subject: Missing options of flash renamer

Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 16:33:04 +0100


Copy the following files from the Windows/System32 folder to the Flash
Renamer folder:


With these file you should be able to run Flash Renamer from a USB stick.
The reason these files are placed in the Windows folder is because they can
be shared by other programs, and such files are usually placed there.

It's true that you can't start using Free Select directly. There is a reason
for this, but at the moment I can not remember why I chose to do it like
this... :-)

// Dan

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From: Thomas
To: <*****@*****>
Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2006 12:05 AM
Subject: Missing options of Flash Renamer


I am currently evaluating Flash Renamer. I like it but miss an option.
I want to use Flash Renamer from USB stick. Unfortunately it seems to me
that Flash Renamer
installs some files in the C:\winnt directory resp. in the registry.
So running FR from USB stick is not possible.

Please could you write the next release of FR so that all the files remain
in the installation

Secondly (ok - it's a minor point) I found no option to let the pane "Free
be the upper pane at startup. Currently the "Browser" pane is always on top.
Due to the fact that I will use only the "Free select" pane I will have
always to
click on the "Free select" tab. Thats unconvenient.

Thank you for your help
Thomas Stein

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