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Subject: Re[2]: Trouble With Flash 4.81

Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 19:14:16 +0200


Does the bug occur even after you have restarted the program? If it does,
then could you send me a copy of this registry key:
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\RL Vision\Flash

A preset is a collection of rename commands, so you can save all your
favourite commands in one group and then easily recall this. Use the "preset
manager" to add commands to build a preset, and then use the "preset" rename
mode to rename your files using this preset. I hope you understand more now.
There are tooltips that will help you understand too.

If you have suggestion to improve the preset functions to make it easier to
understand, your are welcome to tell me.

// Dan

----- Original Message -----
From: Archie
To: RL
Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2006 4:17 PM
Subject: Re[2]: Trouble With Flash 4.81

> > Hi Dan
> >
> > I have been using the new Beta - I like it.
> >
> > I found one bug this morning in the "Rename MP3s based on Content".
> > There was a format set up, I changed the format to use for
> > one particular rename. I then tried to change the format back to my
> > preferred - - but no matter what format I <br>> > pick, Flash keeps putting <FULLNAME> into the box. I can't change the <br>> > format. <br>> > <br>> > Would you send me any help/instruction files for the preset <br>> > functionality? I can't figure it out. <br>> > <br>> > Monday, March 27, 2006, 2:52:01 PM, you wrote: <br>> > <br>> > RV> Hi again, <br>> > <br>> > RV> I was thinking, that since you have been using <a style='color:darkblue' href='http://www.rlvision.com/flashren/about.asp'>Flash Renamer</a> for a <br>long time <br>> > RV> perhaps you would be interested in testing a beta of the new version <br>before <br>> > RV> everyone else? I've been working v5 for a while now and added some <br>neat <br>> > RV> features. I'm working alone, so it would be good for me to get some <br>feedback <br>> > RV> (and probably bugreports too) on the new features. If you are <br>interested I <br>> > RV> have attached a working beta version to this letter. <br>> > <br>> > RV> Remember that there might still be bugs left in there. Use at your own <br>> > RV> risk... :-) <br>> > <br>> > RV> New features inlcude: <br>> > <br>> > RV> Presets! <br>> > RV> Edit mode <br>> > RV> Wildcard support in Find/Replace <br>> > RV> Gui improvements <br>> > RV> Support for unlimited amount of files (before it was around 32000) <br>> > RV> All format tags can be used in all format functions, as well as <br>"replace" <br>> > RV> and "add" <br>> > RV> Ini-file with tweaks <br>> > RV> Tga file support <br>> > RV> New commandline( /x dont close /r preset name /p input path /d include <br>> > RV> folders /f include files /s include subdirs ) <br>> > RV> ... and some other stuff... <br>> > <br>> > RV> I hope you like it! <br>> > <br>> > RV> // Dan <br>> > <br>> > <br>> > <br>> > <br>> > RV> ----- Original Message ----- <br>> > RV> From: Archie <br>> > RV> To: <*****@*****> <br>> > RV> Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 7:00 PM <br>> > RV> Subject: Trouble With Flash 4.81 <br>> > <br>> > <br>>>> > >> Hi <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> I am a registered user of Flash (currently 4.81 under Windows XP Pro). <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> I have successfully been using Flash for many years - love the <br>>>> > >> program! <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> I came across a series of mp3s that seem to have valid ID3V2 tags but <br>>>> > >> Flash does not see them in the mp3 mode (ie trying to rename file <br>>>> > >> based on ID3 tags). <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> The tags are visible in Winamp and in Tag and Rename. <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> I have attached one of the files for your review. <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> -- <br>>>> > >> Cheers, <br>>>> > >> <br>>>> > >> Archie <br>> > <br>> > <br>> > <br>> > -- <br>> > Best regards, <br>> > Archie mailto:*****@***** <br>> > <br>> ><br> </div> <p><br> ◄ <a href="index.php">Back to Knowledge Base</a> </p> </div> </div> <!-- End Page Text ---------------------------------------------------------> </FONT> </TD> <TD><IMG SRC="../../images/spacer.gif" 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