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Subject: Re: Convert case

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 20:07:34 +0200


I never though about this, but when you mention it I understand that it could be useful. I will look in to the problem in future versions.

And FreeDB support is also planned!

// Dan

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Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 10:18 PM
Subject: Convert case

I adore this program, but there's one simple fact that (I think) can't be solved with it. It's about converting the case of songs preceeded by a number.

For example.

01 - example song
02 - another example song

I want the first letters of the titles converted into upper case, like this:

01 - Example song
02 - Another example song

But nowadays I think there's no way to do it, because if you "Capitalize sentences" it won't recognize that the sentence starts after the numbers and the dash.

'Capitalize sentences' will lead to:
01 - example song
02 - another example song

'Capitalize words' will lead to:
01 - Example Song
02 - Another Example Song

I hope you take notice of this problem for future versions.

Apart from that, the program is awesome.

Thanks from Spain,


PD: Another useful tool would be allow connecting to freedb for mp3 files, that is an internet public database with the title of many songs and albums.

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