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Subject: Flash Rename question/suggestion

Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 21:10:09 +0200


I'm glad to hear that you like my program!

You should take a closer look at the "Format" function. Used together with
"define parts" it can rearrange the content of the filenames! It is a bit
difficult to use, so please read the manual for information and examples on
how to use it. If you have any questions after that let me know.

Using the command line interface you must enclose all filenames that contain
spaces with quotes (").

Since you are using the command line interface I recommend that you upgrade
to the latest version (5.01). The new command line system is much more
powerful. (However, there seems to be a bug in this versions. If the program
crashes after you have used the command line, then find the file
"FlashRen.exe.manifest" in the program folder and delete it. I will fix this
problem in the next update.)

As for beta testing, I'm afraid you are a week too late :-( I released a
major new version just a week ago. But you are of course welcome to use this
new version. I'm sure it still contains a bug or two, so perhaps you can
find them!

// Dan

----- Original Message -----
From: Daniel
To: <*****@*****>
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 10:59 PM
Subject: Flash Renamerquestion/suggestion

> > Fist, let me say that I LOVE your Flash Renamer
> > program! I registered it as soon as I found it. That
> > may not sound like much, but I am on a limited income
> > and that is about six months of software budget for
> > me. :) While I love the power behind Flash Renamer
> > though, I can't seem to figure out how to get it to do
> > what I want.
> >
> > I am disabled and can't make it to church. I download
> > a lot of podcasts and download a ton of sermon series
> > from SermonAudio.com and listen to them on a small MP3
> > player that sorts them all by file name...hence the
> > need for your program. The podcasts are relatively
> > easy to rename. The sermon series are not. The
> > sermons are in MP3 format with a downloaded file name
> > similar to "2004.04.18.A The Righteousness Of God
> > Revealed - Richard Caldwell Jr - 41804185737.mp3".
> > ID3 tags are inconsistant, so I need to get all the
> > information from the file name. The file name is made
> > up of the date, AM or PM, the TITLE, the ARTIST, an a
> > SermonAudio ID number. I want to be able to rename
> > them by re-arranging the parts of the file name. I
> > know I can replace text in the file name, and append
> > or delete from it, but is there any way to take
> > segments of the file name and reorder them?
> >
> > What I would love to be able to do is to take
> > [2,10] as characters 2-10 of the file name or 10
> > characters starting with character 2. Optionally,
> > [-,3] could see that the "-" is a delimeter and
> > get the 3rd piece of the file name. Using [5,-] would
> > start at character 5 and grab everything up to the
> > "-". Combining these make it even more powerful. Any
> > way to do something like that? This would allow me to
> > rename the thousands of files available as -
> > [-,2] - [1,11] [14,-] and would end
> > up with "Church Name - Richard Caldwell Jr -
> > 2004.04.18.A The Righteousness Of God Revealed.mp3".
> > Of course in my example, you could never use the comma
> > as a delimiter. It would probably be best to specify
> > the delimiter as a seperate parameter or to use
> > something that is an illegal character for file names.
> > I'm not sure what Flash Renamer is programmed in, but
> > I'm used to using a "FIELD" routine where
> > FIELD(NAME,"-",1) would return the first piece of NAME
> > as delimited by "-" and FIELD(NAME,"-",1)[1,10] would
> > return just the first 10 characters of it.
> >
> > I found your program because I was looking for
> > something with a command line option that I could use
> > as an advanced option in Juice, my PodCast client. I
> > can't get it to work from there though. Probably has
> > something to do with spaces in the path and full file
> > name. Any ideas? You would think that someone would
> > create a podcast client that would rename the files
> > using the feed name, date, and ID3 tags. For the life
> > of me, I can't find one though. :(
> >
> > Finally, before I became disabled, I had 20+ years of
> > design/coding/beta management & testing experience.
> > If you have a beta team, I'd love to volunteer for it.
> > I have lots of time now. :)
> > Daniel
> > Atlanta, GA
> >
> >

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