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Subject: Re: Flash renamer-idea/sugestion-RMB renaming of files only

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:28:10 +0100

----- Original Message -----
From: wulffra
To: RL
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2007 8:01 PM
Subject: RE: Flash Renamer-idea/sugestion-RMB renaming of files only

Hi Dan,

The rename works fine now! Thanks a lot!!


I am looking at the 'right click in Explorer' feature and am really happy it will be available soon.
Frankly this is indeed what I have been looking for, for a lllong time...
Have tried to make it working under Directory Opus, trying to get a kind of FlashRenamer button or so, but that was
no success.

DOpus should be able to use the new menu.

Otherwise try looking at the command line and use the /l command to pass a text-file with filenames to Flash Renamer.

This new feature is making me really happy and I guess it does so to many others!

The RMB: "Present sample - Basic Filename cleanup"
In half a second Flash Renamerr is launched, something seems to happen in a split second and FR is closed.
Donot know what has (or is supposed to have) happened though ...

Doing so will rename the select files using the "Present sample - Basic Filename cleanup"-preset. It's fast though...

I guess it's not as crystal clear, since you don't understand what it does. Do you have any suggestion on how to make it easier to understand?

But when launching via "Start from this folder" FR starts up in the Run Present modus.
Maybe this is indeed the idea, donot know.

Another matter, nothing to do with the beta, but still something I wanted to bring up already for a while...

Both 'Exceptions' and 'Batch Replace'
I wud like to 'Shift-Cursor-down'-select, or ctrl-shift-cursor-down-select entries and then click on delete to delete
I wud like to have the list sorted automatically or at least when I click on 'Find' colum header (see arrow)
Ultimately, maybe one time in future when v. 10.x is being released... :-) there will be an option to save the
Batch Replace List to a .txt file - same as Exceptions.

The batch replace list is a text file. But it contains control characters, so it's not as easy to edit as the exceptions file, and therefore I named it .dat

It might be easier the edit the list outside FR, using a simple text-editor.
Also in case of a fresh install (e.g. after a HD-crash) importing such .txt-files wud bring FR back into the old
situation again.

The new version will keep the settings even after a re-install, since these files are no longer stored in the program folder!

Right now, sorting wud be a big help and being able to delete all / or various entries in once.
In my case, all the English stuff is not being used.

Another suggestion(?)

Imagine following

to be renamed in 1 easy click into

right now I wud have to use Capitalize Sentences
and then go into Batch Replace where I have Dvd to be replace by DVD case-sensitive.

Have you ever thought of putting the Batch Replace under Casing as well.
On two places, under 'Replace' and under 'Casing'
both obviously using the same source.

Create a preset instead :-)

Users to optionally tag Batch Replace.
After all, in the preview one can see what is going to happen when renaming.

all this is positively meant - FR is by far the most flexible and fastest renamer.
Before buying I have tested a LOT and have spent a LOT of time on that.

Good luck!

best regards,

Van: RL Vision [mailto:*****@*****]
Verzonden: zondag 11 maart 2007 21:09
Aan: wulffra
Onderwerp: Re: Flash Renamer-idea/sugestion-RMB renaming of files only


I actually solved a very simliar problem in a previous version, but I see now that forgot to add this to the date function as well. I have fixed it now, and I think (can't be sure though) that it will fix your problem!

You are welcome to test it. I am working on a new version that is almost ready. It also adds a much improved "right click in explorer" menu. Download it here and tell me what you think:


// Dan

----- Original Message -----
From: wulffra
To: RL
Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2007 8:29 AM
Subject: RE: Flash Renamer-idea/sugestion-RMB renaming of files only

Hello Dan,

I'd like to report a peculiar error.

When redating .jpg files, I want to have the filedates set as per shooting time.

Now FlashRenamer does this right for ... I guess maybe 95% but some files are nót updated.

I have copy-pasted a folder below (this is just one of the few examples).

All photos have been taken on sep.6, 2005.
Half of the series have been correctly redated (old date was dec. something, due to copying files, etc.)
The other half remains on sept. 11 - though, you can see the shooting time is sep.06

When I open ACDSee of one of the photos and look at the properties you can see that the date digitized was sep.06,
see a bit lower.

Any idea??


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