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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer 5.2 bug, nine usability requests and assorted praise.

Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 19:31:43 +0200


From: KelX
To: *****@*****
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 2:19 AM
Subject: Flash Renamer 5.2 bug, nine usability requests and assorted praise.

First, let me say that out of all the apps & utilities I've reviewed in my lifetime, I can count on one hand the ones that are exceptional in every way. Flash Renamer is one of them. It's what I would code, if I coded. :) With that said, I need to report a bug and a few important feature requests/oddities I've noticed. Apologies if they're all being considered. I couldn't find any known issues section anywhere, so I'm submitting them :)

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that you like my program!

In v5.2 (and v5.11, which I later downloaded to verify if the behavior existed before v5.2) the size column reports an incorrect negative size in bytes for files that are near, or larger than 1.75GB. I've attached a screen shot of some videos backed up from my Tivo. Anyway, that's the bug.

Ok. I know why. It's not critical, but I'll fix it in the next update.

There are a few minor usability tweaks FR would benefit greatly from, and I'd love to see implemented. With these tweaks, FR would become the most perfect program I've ever seen.

1. Ability to choose which columns are displayed in the file window. For me, the size and attributes fields are useful, but not enough to warrant the other fields. Even sizing those other fields as small as possible, it's still wasted screen space. And given you're trying to fit a filename, a preview, and a path in one line, there's not much room to work with and avoid horizontal scrolling. :)

I'm planning to implement this in the next or next again version. Pretty soon in other words!

2. Thank you for adding the context menu delete option. I didn't immediately buy 5.11 solely because that feature was missing. Also needed is an 'Open Folder' option in the context menu (not right next to the Delete option, please!). It's faster than pasting a path in the Run box, or clicking through folders to get there. I love how FR's context menu isn't cluttered with useless options, but I think it should contain the commands one would commonly need when using this type of program.

Yep. A good feature. I'll put it on my todo list.

3. Ability to sort Exceptions alphabetically, like with batch replacements. More than one screen of entries, and finding a specific one gets pretty difficult.

Well, maby I can add a sort button.

4. Ability to drag & drop files into subfolders shown in the right pane. Or, a multiple file copy/move option in the context menu. Fast renaming is an big part of file organization, but so is fast sorting :)

I'm planning to add copy & move features, but I haven't yet decided how. It will probably take a while before I can do this.

5. When adding an exception or batch replace item, there needs to be a check to see if it an identical item is already in the list. Currently, the duplicate entry is added. It may not break anything, but it can lead to clutter, especially in long lists of case exceptions that can't be alphabetically sorted :)

Sure. Why not. I guess I don't have many exceptions to handle mysefl :-)

6 Ability to change the font and text size in the right window. This may be a personal thing, but I'd like a little optimization of the left pane to have better use of space. I just see that huge empty block in the bottom left, and think the left pane could be modified to use that wasted vertical space, which would create more room for the filenames and paths at right.

I was thinking about adding an image preview in this area. Not exactly sure what you would like to have there...

7. Ability to backup/restore custom exceptions/batch replacement lists (other than copying the files manually). I don't know if these are converted or overwritten when upgrading, but I'd imagine losing a list of complex Regexp replacements that took months to create and debug would be...incredibly annoying.

Already done! From v5.2 all settings are kept when updating!

8. Ability to disable the rename log from being written and from showing, period. Anyone wanting to view the log can uncheck "Automatically close log window after execution" People who check that option obviously don't want to see the log, yet they still have to, even if only for a few seconds. Similarly, the actual log file can get huge if you rename enough files. Most people wouldn't be aware it's sitting there, growing with each use. It'd be nice to be able to disable it, to avoid having to periodically delete it.

I don't know about huge, considering the size of todays harddrives. :-) But ok. I'll do something about it.

9. The shareware nag counter reflecting # of files renamed, while a novel idea, it may have a flaw. Don't get me wrong. I also sell digital creations, so I'm 100% in favor of using any means to get paid for your work. BUT, that counter actually got me in trouble a few days ago. Short version. I recommended FR to an incredibly cute girl who had given up trying to manage her MP3 collection. She'd tried ~20 utilities, and thought they all, well, sucked. I raved about FR for good solid half hour, until she gave in and downloaded a copy. Her first act was to capitalizing filenames and lowercase the extensions for her collection: 15,000 MP3 files. She was very pleased with the speed and results, and quite happy with me for recommending it. Two hours later, she plugged in her removable drive to finish the other part of her collection. When she started FR the second time, The counter now took 10+ minutes to reach 15,000 files and let her continue. Granted, 15k is a lot of files, but she'd only used the program for all of 5 minutes. She quickly became Very-Not-Pleased-Girl, and wasn't willing to wait 10 minutes to try the other features. Somehow, I still convinced her to buy a copy. Close call. :)

Did see that coming :-)

I actually think it's pretty neat and fair, so I'll keep it. But prehaps I will add so that it doesn't show the first day.

Whew. I didn't mean to write a novel, but I *really* do like this app. I want to see it to reach it's full potential, and hope you reap all the rewards of accomplishing that.. I started using FR long ago, when I persuaded several friends and my former employer to register a bunch of copies. Curiously, access to my job-provided registered copy was the only thing I missed when I left that job. So, now I'm gonna have to scrape together enough cash to get a personal copy. My 20 years and 2TB worth of files are begging for some serious renaming...

Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration. Keep up the great work, and I'll keep recommending FR to anyone who'll listen. :)

Thanks :-)


Kent Annas

// Dan

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