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Subject: titles on digital photos

Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 18:57:40 +0200


In order to get files to sort correctly on a computerized system
(pc,dvd,etc) you must make sure that all numbers are padded with zeros. For
example: 01,02,03...10,11... The number of zeros must add up to the maximum
number of digits in the filename, for example: 0001,0002 ...

In Flash Renamer there is a "zero padding" function to help you with this.
If you stick to this rule, then your files should sort correctly everywhere.

If they don't then your dvd-player might be "strange" or it might be set to
play files in eg random order. In this case you must setup your dvd-player

It is good to know that Windows Explorer (XP/Vista) can sort file correctly
even if the filename are not zero padded. So even if they look allright in
Windows, they might not on your dvd.

// Dan

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Subject: titles on digital photos

> > I have recently tried your flsah renamer program. The problem i had was
> > that if i added text captions to certain photos, on copying to CD, the
> > text photos were moved out of sequence to the end.Using your program to
> > renumber seemed to solve this problem. However on playing the photos in a
> > DVD player to view on a TV screen, the order is still garbled & not as on
> > the CD. Can your program solve this problem?
> > Yours Hopefully
> >
> > Ron
> >

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