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Subject: Re: use on web site

Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 21:26:11 +0200


At the moment Flash Renamer can not rename files on a remote http/ftp server. (Unless you manage to mount it as a system drive. Never tried this myself though.)

Windows treats upper case and lower case the same. Unix does not however, and most internet servers run Unix operating systems. In Unix "File" , "file" , "FILE" and "FiLe" are all different files.

The answer for your third question is as far as I can understand yes. I can not see any problems with this, provided you run Windows.

I hope this helps!

// Dan

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From: Dick
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Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2007 9:04 PM
Subject: use on web site


I have the editing copy of my web site on my computer at home. Many of the files have been stored with names of files in all upper case. Theses files are mixed in with files that have their names in all lower case characters. A program that I use will only parse files that have their names in all lower case characters.

I would like to be able to convert all of my files that are already on the Internet into all lower case file names - keeping the original name. I know that this can be done with the identical files on my home computer.

I have three questions questions concerning the use of "Flash Renamer" in a situation like I described above. I would be most appreciative if you would take a look at my questions and please give me an answer.

1). Can "Flash Renamer" operate on all upper case file names in a directory that is stored on the Internet?

2). Can files stored in one directory that have been converted to all lower case names be copied to a directory containing files with the identical file names but in all upper case replace? Can the lower case names be copied in a way that they replace the upper case file names with all lower case characters? I have not been able to do this.

3). If I delete all of the upper case files in a directory - and I don't format the partition that the files were in - will lower case file names copied into that directory from "Flash Renamer" show as lower case file names? I would think that the answer to this would be "yes" , but that has not always been the case and I don't know why.

In case I have not been to clear, I have included examples of what I am trying to do


C:\My Files\file_name.gif >>>>>> replace http://web site.com/My Files/FILE_NAME.GIF

C:\My Files\FILE_NAME.GIF >>>> C:\My Files 2\file_name.gif

Again, thank you for your help.


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