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Subject: Re: flash renamer 5.3

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 17:32:30 +0200


Thanks for your support. I completely agree with your letter. I hope you like my program!

// Dan

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Subject: Flash Renamer 5.3


I am writing to make a comment on this offering which was on the GoTD site.

I unfortunately I missed the offer, but that's not why I am writing. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to drop into the comments section and post. There are so many ignorant people, who have no idea what they are posting about, what a program even does or make derogatory comments completely unrelated to actually providing feedback on the software - which after all is what you are after - it's just ridiculous.

It was nice to see an actual software developer make those exact observations in the comments section. Hopefully more people will listen to what you said. I have no idea why people complain about something that is free or make comments which provide no program feedback and I have said that time and again on the page over a period of a few months, but it seems to just go right over their heads. They keep pulling the old 'freedom of speech' chestnut out; which is completely unrelated to what I (and others) are telling them.

I wish there was more censorship in the comments section and the moderators would remove the pure nonsense posts.

I am going to download a trial copy of your program and give it a try. I have a number of pictures I need to rename (not thousands however), but nonetheless it's always good to see what is available, I'll use it and see how it works.

Thanks for reading my comments!

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