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Subject: Re: Bug in Flash Renamer 5.11 & 5.3

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 23:01:06 +0200


Thanks for finding the bug. I'll fix it for the next version (the big 6.0!!)

// Dan

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From: Jim
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Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 9:49 PM
Subject: Bug in Flash Renamer 5.11 & 5.3

Howdy.. I also hail from the TI994a / C64 days. Never used punch cards but did cassettes and was hooked for life after getting my first modem (300 baud). Nice to read the brief history of RL on your site. And of course many kudos and thank yous for your rock-solid Flash Renamerr. I've had to come up with new ways to waste time^^

About the 'bug'.. I noticed it in 5.11 and upgraded to 5.3 hoping you'd taken care of it. Nothing major, but probably deserves a spot on the to-do list. I'll describe step by step to ease your burden in investigating this bug report.

1. Start from an open Flash Renamer view, no special predicates
2. Bring the "Replace" tab forward
3. Click the "Edit the batch replace list..." button
4. Manually add a new rule to the list, should be created at the bottom
5. Create whatever rule you like but make sure to leave the regular expression box unchecked and finish with the 'OK' button
6. Now use the arrow key to move your new rule up the list to the top
7. At this point you should notice that all the regular expression setting have shifted up by one place (even the default first rule "_ " -> " ") is now flagged reg expr, but the bottom entry is no longer a reg expr rule.

So, to fix I edited the 2nd and last rule; not a big deal. It could've resulted in disaster had I not noticed it and depending on what changes I'd made to the batch replace list.

Other than the persistence of that bug, I'm extremely pleased with the changes/features implemented in a mere 0.19 version upgrade. It's as intuitive as ever easier on the carpal-tunnel and the clock.

I'm sure you're expecting an obligatory feature request, so here goes..it would be nice to have a repository of executable files within Flash Renamer. Then instead of copying the file list or preview list to the clipboard then saving to a batch file to effect whatever change I'm going for, I could just select the program from a drop-down list in the context menu. Currently I have to prefix the filename with whatever program I want to run against, then switch over to the format tab to get the arguments correct. Then I can copy to the clipboard and make a batch file from the results, but I have to remove the program name from the filename before I run it. Not sure it that makes sense, it just nags me a bit to go through those steps when there could be a "Send to..." on the context menu as easy as the "Copy to Clipboard...". I have a text editor with column-editing mode, so it's not an ordeal; however it's no easier either since I can just undo the rename that put the command I need to run the preview text against. This does go beyond the scope of the file renaming, but it would be doable from the command line if "copy to clipboard..." were available in the presets. I'm not certain if previews are generated from a command line run either.

So, a bug, a request and many many thanks for the crutch. I know you like your free time, but with all these new devices coming out with their tagging systems you've probably got flash under development anyway. That AtomicParsley is a useful program, but the command line is something 95% .mp4 users never see. Might be an opportunity for you; it seems you've taken to supporting tags in some video formats.

Take care... Jim

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