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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer 5.3 crashes

Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 17:20:40 +0200

Hi John,

I'm sorry to hear that Flash Renamer crashes for you :-( You are the first that I have heard of with this problem. I recently changed library for the thumbnail creation, so I guess there are still some bugs left. Would it be possible for you to try and figure out which image there is a problem with? Logically it should be one of the first 10 images or so in the folder. I would very much like to have this image so I can fix the bug!

About the images dates, I'm am planning to add it pretty soon. But it is already built in to Flash Renamer in the way that you can obtain it and put it in the filenames. Use these format tags: and with functions such as "format", "add" and "replace".

// Dan

John wrote:
> Just to let you know that I downloaded v5.3, used the Browser to select a folder containing about 200 photos, clicked the "Thumbnails" button and the program crashed after doing only 3% of the conversion.
> I also didn't like the fact that the date on which the photo was taken is not displayed in the Browser window. I wanted to buy your product to rename my photos on the basis of the date they were taken. As that information isn't shown in the Browser, it's of no use to me.
> Apart from almost instantly crashing and not displaying useful information, your product appears to be very powerful. But obviously I won't be buying it.
> J Watson
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