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Subject: Re: possible bug in Flash Renamer

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 19:28:31 +0100


Could you send me a screenshot of when this is happening?



, Jon wrote:
> Hello,
> Great product by the way, and yes I have purchased a license. Anyway, I have noticed an error that happens somewhat frequently. Iím using version 5.3 currently. The problem:
> Sometimes when I rename files using the Numbers tab, it will add or subtract a digit. For example, I typically use this as my format: _0, and usually have a Start Value and Step of 1.
> If I have a group of files called 123456_xxxx.tif (where x=a sequential number starting at 0001 and increasing to the last file), and I rename these files using the above format, it will sometimes yield files called 123456_xxxx_001.tif or 123456_xxxx_00001.tif, instead of the desired 123456_xxxx_0001.tif. I hope this makes sense. I get around this by simply adding or deleting the zero from the format line, but I thought I would see if this is something you could fix in the next release.
> Again, thanks for a great product. I use this daily in my job and it is a big time-saver. Regards,
> Jon , EIT
> Assistant Design Engineer Group Manager
> Road Design, GDOT
> Room 435
> 404-656-5396

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