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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer 5.3 query

Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 12:10:39 +0100


My guess is that you need to make the filenames sort correctly from a computer perspective. Try to use this format string using the "format" function:


It should give you new filenames that will sort according to the date they where taken!

If this does not help, then please send me some examples of your filename, or perhaps a screenshot of the file listing?

// Dan

Patrick wrote:
> Hi, I have a registered version of Flash Renamer, a brilliant and very useful and much used application. (run on PC, by the way - we also have a macbook but the problem below is also not solved by Mac either)
> I recently decided to burn a disc of 200 fotos from a trip to South Africa, all renamed and dated by date/time taken
> To produce a logical flow for a DVD player presentation I wanted to alter the order of the pics since we started at Point A, moved to B and C and came back to A
> I found NO WAY of pulling the A shots from end to start of the disc! Drag and drop thumbnails gave me the required order, but on burn the order reverted to numbered order.
> Picassa allows you to create a slide show in any order but on burn, again, the order reverts to numbered order.
> The only way I found in Flash Renamer was to use editor with and put in the new order manually at the start of each line- very tedious but it does work.
> Is there any way to drag and drop files into a sequence for CD burning and renumber in this sequence to hold the order for the CD?
> Hope you can help
> Patrick

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