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Subject: Re: Question about Flash Renamer

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 21:33:49 +0100


There are a few way to do this. One way would be to simply use the add function and insert the separators where you want them to be. You would have to do this one time per separator. But you can create a "preset" that combines all the add operation into one. (A good thing about this is also that you can later run this preset simply by right clicking on the filenames in Windows Explorer!)

The second way is to use the "find & replace" function like this:

Find: (\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d\d)

Replace: $1-$2-$3 $4;$5;$6-$7

The "Regular expressions" checkbox must be checked for this to work.

Also please note that colons (:) are not allowed in filenames, so you will have to use some other character (in the above example I used a semicolon).

Good luck!

// Dan

Forced wrote:
> Hello,
> I just downloaded your Flash Renamer program because of an ongoing issue I have and I'm having trouble determining if your program can help. I have files that are created based on date/time with a sequence at the end and like the following;
> 080117075634001
> 080117075634002
> 080117075634003
> They are created by an IP web camera and don't appear to have "typical" exif data in them. Can your program insert, in one operation, separators (dash, period, space, etc.) at multiple locations so the files are renamed to look something like this:
> 08-01-17 07:56:34-001
> 08-01-17 07:56:34-002
> 08-01-17 07:56:34-003
> Thank you.
> Doug

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