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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer 6.0 beta Resizable settings pannel

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 21:18:29 +0100

Actually it's a bit tricky to make it sizable. I think I will have to pass on it until later

I do mention that you need to restart (if you read the help text before you have clicked on an ite)m. But maybe I should make it more clear. I will mention it in the manual too.

// Dan

wulffra wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> The window pannel of settings - wud be too much work to make that a resizable window ?
> If you have a large batch replace list of exception list, it is handier not needing to scroll up and down.
> Also, if you set the date format, e.g.
> then you need to re-start FR to make it work.
> Maybe it shd be mentioned somewhere. It is a minor thing, I agree and
> one will find out anyway.
> brgds/Marcel.

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