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Subject: Re: perspective customer

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 20:19:40 +0100


What you are looking for is the "running counter". Enable that checkbox and the "start value" will automatically be updated after each renaming operation!

Good luck!

// Dan

Jeremy wrote:
> I'm writing from the recorders office, in Cleveland, we do a lot of renaming of images here, we are interested in purchasing you program we just need help with one thing. We process images daily, and we need to start from lets say the previous days image number and continue counting from there. Your program is a powerful tool, just need it so be able to start counting where it left off. Having an option where you can put a starting number, and have it count up starting from that value.
> puting this start value:
> 000401000
> then would get:
> 000401001
> 000401002
> 000401003
> 000401004
> 000401005
> I love how you can browse the contents of multiple folders at once, great program.
> 216-443-3059
> Jeremy

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