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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer

Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 18:24:23 +0200


I'm sorry that you do not like the changes. Actually, not much has changed, only the appearance. So if you change the settings that you find at "Numbers->Add counter", these settings are valid for the freeform edit too (ie, the "counter setup" is global). This particular thing is a bit more complicated than before, otherwise I think that the changes make the program easier to understand and use.

// Dan

Stormsguard wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I've been using Flash Renamer for a long time now, and i love the application. However 6.1 for me is a nightmare.
> I primarily use the freeform edit, and i've grown used to the flexibility that was in 5.2. I could set the extension and counter, set the '0' offset and start values. All of these were in the same tab, easy to see and use, and made life easy.
> These are all gone in 6.1. I can't set the '0' offset, nor the start value, these are highly important to me. I change batches of images and i like to be in control of how these are numbered. In future builds could you please put these back in the freeform tab. As it is i've found i have to downgrade to 5.2, and i'll be staying with it for now.
> I love FR and hope to see it improve, while keeping the best bits of what was already there.
> Sincerly
> Francis

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