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Subject: Re: Still Love Flash Rename...

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 18:11:02 +0200


Thank you for your kind letter. It really warms my heart to read it!

Provided that you have version 5.2 or higher, all Flash Renamer settings are stored in this folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RL Vision\Flash Renamer

Unless you have Vista, in which case the settings are store here:

%userprofile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\RL Vision\Flash Renamer\

You can simply copy the folder and move to your new system. Nothing is saved in the registry after v5.2.

// Dan

Marian wrote:
> For years, I've used this renamer as my main renaming software. I have others, but Flash Renamerhas consistently been my favorite renaming software. Everytime I recommend it to someone, I get a kick out of telling them it's great features and what it can do. I rarely know if they end up buying it, I know a few have based on my recommendation, but the end result is that I use it and I love it. It always amazes me at the great new things you've added over the years, and strive to give it a perfection that other softwares lack. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use this awesome software and I will continue to use Flash Rename, I just love it that much. I also like it when you've listened to your customers and added features. This imho is one of the biggest reasons I love certain softwares that I use frequently.
> With that in mind I request for a new feature. Is it possible that you might add down the road a way to "import" settings when windows is reinstalled. I tend to reinstall windows once a year or so, and would love to see a way for me to save my settings to another drive even. All softwares that I have that allow me to save my settings and such like a firefox profile or cookbook software recipes go to my d drive archives folder, thus allowing me to easily import them back in when I reinstall windows. I realize I might be able to save my flash folder but since some settings might go to the registry, I'm not sure that is possible and really have never tried, but since adding the ability to create certain filters and such I would love to see this option so that when I do reinstall, I could easily just reimport those settings so I don't have to try and remember how to do it again.
> Whether you add it or not is not important, I still love this software and will always use it. I figured if you ever decided to add a "testimonial" area to your site, you have my permission to add the first paragraph of this email.
> Marian

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