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Subject: Re: Flash Renamer v6 -- How-To?

Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 20:55:05 +0200


#1. I decided that the filetype detection was of no importance to the majority of people, but I didn't want to remove it completely, so I moved it into a called . Use this tag in for example the format function.

#2.For full control, use the tag in the "format" instead Or go to the settings->advanced and enable the "classic counter format"!

The and are still there. But has changed name to , although still works too. You can see all available tags by clicking on the button with a right arrow next to the input fields.

Good luck!

// Dan

Larry wrote:
> Dan:
> I've recently installed Flash Renamer v6, and have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to figure out by myself. I've been using Flash Renamer since at least v4 in 2004.
> #1. I've used the Filetype Detection function (over a million times!) and cannot find the equivalent in v6. (It's sorta important to me.)
> #2. How to get the same or similar Numbers/Add Counter functionality that I've depended on for so long: a two-character literal followed by a hyphen followed by a counter [I always use 4 digits, by starting at 1001], then the period, and then finally the existing filetype suffix. E.g., xx--nnnn.sfx
> In the v6 Help facility, my search for and ENUM produced results only in the Version History, for v4.0 (2002-07-21), and no results at all for and EXT. So I guess things have changed, and, sorry but I can't figure out what to do to produce the same or similar.
> I attach screenprints to illustrate each of these.
> Sorry to bother; hope my email client does what I want it to do.
> Larry
> Albuquerque NM USA

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