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Subject: Re: Application security

Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 19:03:47 +0200


There will always be cracks, more matter how advanced system you create, so there is no point in waisting time on making it harder. After all, a very tiny percent of the population would managed to crack a program. If people want to use a cracked program then so be it. They wouldn't have bought my program anyway...

// Dan

Anonymous wrote:
> Hi,
> I think you should take into consideration the security of your applications. I was bored just now and came across your application PDF Image Extraction Wizard.
> The registration routine intrigued me and I decided to try and crack it. 5 minutes later, after changing only 2 jumps, bingo your application was cracked.
> I cracked your application not for malicious intent, but just to inform you that it doesn't take a professional cracker to reverse your registration routine ( I am only 14 years old, and not a geek.)
> I have deleted the cracked app, I will not release it to the public.
> Patch information:
> RAW Offset Old Byte New Byte
> 0002410B 85 84
> 00034BB9 85 84
> Using exe protectors like Armadillo would do a good job.
> PS: Attached is the cracked exe.
> Regards.

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