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Subject: Re: Pre-Sale Question...

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 19:52:18 +0100


RegExp are indeed a good solution for this problem! I recommend doing this in two steps. Then you can combine these two steps into a "preset" and run them as one command!

1) First, use the "Replace" function to simply remove the periods and replace them with a space:

Find: "."
Replace: " "

2) Next, still in the "Replace" function, tick the "Reg Exp" checkbox. Now use this regular expression:

Find: "(\d\d\d\d) (\d\d) (\d\d)"
Replace: "$1.$2.$3"

RegExp are tricky to read, but not extremely hard to understand. I recommend reading the manual to learn more about how they work! Basically what I do here is to find numbers (\d) in a specific sequence and capture them (using parenthesis), and then recall this using the $ keywords, this time separated by periods.

// Dan

Rafael wrote:
> We help a local newspaper in NJ with their web site. We currently store 10 of thousands of pictures in our servers for them. Pictures dating back 15 years.
> We are looking ofr rename utility that can recognize the following...
> Corzine.Campaign.Edison.NJ.2005.10.01 or
> Corzine.Campaign.Edison.NJ.2005.09.11.Church, etc.
> Corzine Campaign Edison NJ 2005.10.01
> As you can see, we don't want the periods removed from the date; just from the rest of the file name.
> Someone mentioned to us that this could accomplished by using Regular Expression.
> I performed a boolean search on Google, and you site came up. I read in your website that Flash Renamerhandles Reg Expressions.
> Is this something that can be done by Flash Rename?
> Thanks for your help!
> R.

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