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Subject: Re: Find De-Dup

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 19:29:08 +0100

I understand your problem, and sure, it would be cool to have it built in to FR. But it's a big project to undertake, and analyzing images is not an easy task. I'm pretty sure there are other programs that can do this much better than I could ever code...

// Dan

Carl wrote:
> Dan - I understand but please allow me to explain my situation and perhaps
> you will think a bit differently.
> I am a photographer. I shoot hundreds of photos a week, sometimes
> thousands. And I use tools that propagate versions of my photos into various
> formats, resolutions, etc. I try to carefully control the names but
> invariably I end up with a number of challenging scenarios.
> A. Same name but different size, resolution, type (extension).
> B. Different names but built off the same root image.
> C. Chaos where works flows done on different days result in wild naming
> outcomes that have relationship to anything.
> My challenge, isn't just to merely find duplicates, it is to find all images
> that match the root image. De-duping software is one means to find these
> but ideally I'd love a utility that could round up all the images
> independent of filename that were based on the same root. (e.g. compares
> thumbnails to find child images).
> Regardless of the approach used to gather up the dups, the similars, etc, I
> am left ultimately with the task of RE-naming them in a meaningful way.
> Usually based on the root filename with other metadata elements unique to
> each file. This task of renaming these collections is what your program
> does so well.
> Perhaps there is a way to use another too find all the images of interest
> and then pass this list to Flash File.
> Your software design and UI is very high quality and reliable. I also
> thought given you graphics experience that that might fit with your
> experience as well. I just thought there might be a good fit here to extend
> the FlashFile capability and give people a reason to pay for an upgrade that
> extended itself with new relevant capabilities.
> thanks for listening.
> Carl
> -----Original Message-----
> From: RL
> Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2009 1:42 AM
> To: *****@*****
> Subject: Re: Find De-Dup
> Hi,
> I think that finding duplicate files is a bit too far away from the main
> purpose of Flash Renamer. It requires a lot of special things, so it is
> better suited as a separate program. And there a lot's of programs for
> this purpose that do it better that if I tried to integrate it into FR:
> Total Commander & Clone Spy are two that I use myself.
> // Dan
> Carl wrote:
>> Have you considered adding duplicate identification feature to Renamer -
>> I'd love to find dups - not by filename, by content - with oppty to
>> mass delete or mass rename.
>> If you don't have such plan, is there an app that you'd recommend for
>> such?
>> Thanks - loyal FlashRenamer customer.
>> Carl

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