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Subject: Re: Randomising alist

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 22:27:16 +0100


I've never though about needing unique random numbers, but it does sound fair so I will try to add it in future versions.

As for the problem you are having with the rnd function, I just tested it myself and it is indeed a bug you've found.. I don't know how it got there, but i will fix it right away!

Here is my solution to your problem:

1. Use for example the "free format" function, and enter
2. The new filename appears in the preview column. But instead of renaming according to this, click on the column header. This will sort the files according to the random numbers.
3. Type for example "_" to get a number sequence with unique numbers!

Tip: the tag can be setup at the "numbers->add counter" tab.

Good luck!

// Dan

Eb wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in your prog for the purpose of randomising a list of files which are, naturally, in alphabetical order. before I register I want to clear up a couple of problems........
> I have tried the function but the same number may appear more than once and I want it to only appear once; i.e. in a list of 24 items I want the filename to be preceded with a number between 01 and 24 and every number to be used once only.
> Can this be done?
> Also when I use the RND# function the stated range appears in the new filename such as 15#-1-24]-_filename.jpg where 15 is the random number and #-1-24] is taken from the range 1 to 24. I then need to remove the #-1-24] as another step of renaming. Is this right?
> Your advice will be welcome,
> Thanks,
> Eb

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