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Subject: Re: Dupli Find 4.1 question

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 18:39:17 +0100


I whipped together a simple script for you (attached)!

// Dan

Glen wrote:
> Hello, I just wondering if you have other scripts for Dupli Find 4.1 . The problem I have with your program is the scripts needed to find what I require. Many of my doubled up files have slight differences at the end of a line/file name where i've inserted month and year so your program dismisses them as being different which they are though only slightly.I need a to search for similar lines within a single text file with either a user defined similar line content option or a script to find similar lines starting from the beginning of the line (user defined, say same characters between 1-30 from the beginning of the line) rather than the end of a line such as your example provided. Hope that makes some sense, regards Glen :)


Dim Position

Function Main(Input)

If Position = "" Then Position = InputBox("Characters to include:")
Main = Left( Input , Position )

End Function

First x chars.dfs

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