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Subject: Re: Serious problems with the last version of Flash Renamer

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 14:06:27 +0100


See my answers below.

> Hello, I recently downloaded and installed the trial version of
> Flash Renamer v.6.2 from your webpage, but I've
> discovered some critical problems that doesn't let me use it:
> 1- In the installation process, when I have to choice if I want to
> install "Start Menu Folder", in spite of I selected "Next"
> (without mark the "Don't create the Start Menu Folder" option),
> such folder is not created.
> 2- Again, in the installation process If I mark the "Create a Quick
> Lauch icon" option, it is not created. Moreover, if I re-
> install the program and I previously created manually a Quick Lauch
> icon (from the last installation) and mark the "Create
> a Quick Lauch icon" option, it doesn't create another Quick Lauch
> icon, instead creates a "Microsoft" folder in the
> desktop; such folder has the Quick Launch path within its content.

These two problems puzzle me. These tasks are handled by the installer. I'm using "Inno Setup" which is very popular. I will try to find out more about this.

> After the installation, when I'm it the main window, the following
> error appears:
> 3.1:
> When I clik on "Browse to a new folder (F12)" buttom, the program
> crashes and appears the next message:
> "Flash Renamer had detected a problem and must to be closed"*
> *Snapshots included.
> 3.2:
> When I click on "Add files and folders (F12)", under the "Free
> Select" tab, a new window appears:
> "Select Files to Add" and "My Documents" pre-selected. There, when
> I click on "Desktop" shorcut in the left column, the
> program's windows suddenly dissapear.

Could be the same problem as 3.1

> 3.3:
> When the program starts, appears a lot of windows with the next legend:
> "An error occurred when reading this file or folder: C:\Documents
> and Settings\Administrator\... Make sure that you have
> the sufficient user rights. Do you want to try to continue?
> This message appears for a plenty of paths, including some shorcuts
> icons (whatever.Ink). Currently I'm logged as the
> Administrator user.

Do you have any files with filenames that use unicode characters? Unfortunately Flash Renamer does not handle these correctly, and the message you describe probably indicates this.

> Finally, I tested the 6.1 version too, and beyond this version
> shows a "QuickStart Guide" when it opens, this is the only
> difference I noticed between they. Said version has all the same
> errors that its superior.
> I have the next PC's configuration:
> Quadcore Intel Q9450, 4gb ddr2, and Windows XP SP3 with all the
> updates and all the Microsoft .NET versions installed.
> Thanks for your time, and I hope you can fix all those errors.
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Please try this for me: Open the program folder where Flash Renamer is installed. Rename the file "FlashRen.exe.manifest" to "_FlashRen.exe.manifest". Now start Flash Renamer and see if the problems still exists.

Next, please also try to add a DEP exception for Flash Renamer and see if this helps in any way? Here are images to show how to find it:

Press Windows+Pause ...

... go to advanced ...

... and to dep ...

Is your Windows modified/hacked in any way?

Thank you for reporting this to me. I will do my best to fix the problems!

// Dan

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