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Subject: Re: Flash renamer - thanks and a suggestion

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 19:06:38 +0100


I'm glad to hear that you like my program! I am aware of the problem with international characters. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about it, since I am relying on components that do not support it, and are no longer developed (thanks Microsoft...) My only alternative would be to re-program it in another computer language, which is a very large task :-(

// Dan

Dr. , Andrs wrote:
> Dear Sir!
> First of all: thank you for your generous offer! I downloaded and installed Flash Renamer and I'm quite impressed with it! Up until now I used Oscar's Renamer, a free program from mediachance.com and didn't even heard about Flash Renamer. Your program has more extensive features than Oscar's Renamer..
> Still I think you might improve on this already excellent program by allowing for different codepages for the file system on the same machine. E.g. I'm living in Hungary but I use an English version of XP. Unfortunately the name of some of my files and folders contains special Hungarian characters ( oO uU). Flash Renamer gives me an error message on these files and folders saying that I haven't got permission to open them. As I can access them without any problems with windows explorer this must be a code page problem. I didn't try Flash Renamer on a Hungarian language XP, so I don't know what happens with these kind of files and folders there. So I've got the idea that maybe you should incorporate an option for using non native codepages with your program.
> Best regards
> Andras

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