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Subject: Re: Another Suggestion

Date: Sun, 03 May 2009 21:54:39 +0200

In the advanced settings there is an option called somthing like "only rename if all used tags are available" that by default is set to true. This is logical if using eg mp3 tags, but perhaps "parts" should have a separate options? I will give it some thought.

Here in Sweden we've had a fantastic mayday, with summer like weather, which means a lot to people in a cold country like ours :-)

// Dan

Raj wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> I hope all is well and Flash Renamer is selling well. Its the best there is!
> I noticed that if a filename has only two parts and I use "setup parts link" and have say 3 parts
> Filename = Sample text.txt
> Setup parts = <%1> <%2> <%3>
> Rename <%2> <%1> --------- Dose not work!
> Then any attempt to rename fails unless I remove the <%3> from setup parts.
> Generally setup parts parsing with any number of parts and using only parts that are in the filename then it should work. Could you fix that in your future releases?
> Have a great weekend. Long weekend here with Mayday. Country is in general parlimentary election and we eagerly await to see if we have a stable govt. or a govt like a stable!!
> Cheers

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