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Subject: Re: Bug in 6.2?

Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 20:18:15 +0200


Strange problem. Obviously the menu works, but it does not send the files. To start with, try this for me:

Open a new Explorer window, and type %temp% in the adress bar. First, see if there is a file called "FlashRenTemp.txt". If it is there, try to delete it and try to start FR via the menu. It might work. Otherwise continue.

Open "c:\program files\Flash Renamer" or whereever you installed Flash Renamer. Temporarily rename "FlashRen.exe" to something else, like "_FlashRen.exe"

Now start Flash Renamer via the menu. It should give an error message since you just renamed the exe file. (Now you can rename the exe file back to its normal name again.)

Look in the temp folder. Is "FlashRenTemp.txt" there now? What does it say? It should contain the files you want to load.

Tell me what happens when you do all of this.

// Dan

Andy wrote:
> Hi
> I think I may have found a problem with Flash Renamer 6.2.
> Running Win XP
> [R] Click for context menu in explorer with a group of files selected
> Flash Renamer > Start and load selected files
> Opens Flash Renamer, but no files shown in work area.
> This used to work fine on my previous '5' version.
> Thanks, Andy

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