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Subject: Re: User feedback Dupli find 4.11, 5.0 and Flash Renamer 6.2

Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 20:22:29 +0200


Sorry for the late reply. (My mail server has been down for a couple of days.)

Adding keyboard shortcuts is a great idea!

How does the upper/lower case alphabetic numbering work and why is it needed?

// Dan

Glen wrote:
> 31/05/2009
> User feedback Dupli Find 4.11, 5.0 and Flash Renamer 6.2
> Hello Dan, I emailed you earlier in the year re Dupli Find 4.11 and the script "find duplicate lines first 10 characters etc, which I worked out how to use after a few weeks and wish to say thank you. I've just been checking your V5.0 and noticed you've integrated a similar and improved filtering function idea into V5.0 which i think is great. I'll more than likely purchase a license though if i may suggest V5 could still benefit with a few small additions.
> One concern that I have with V5 is the select lines function, with the drop down menu. It looks like being very time consuming if one has to isolate/filter 100's or 1000's of individual lines. My current problematic text file has approx 30,000 lines with lots of mixed dupe lines some I need, many i don't. The addition of the "select ALL of or NONE of the currently marked kind" is an excellent new feature though it would appear there's no user defined keyboard shortcuts or right click menu for these options on V5 - only "copy to clipboard". V4 had the right click menu for faster "select" filtering, the new V5 requires moving the mouse from the bottom list, up to select, then menu then select and for large files that need lots of filtering this would be far more time consuming than right click on lower panel file line and or user defined keyboard shortcuts for these important functions. The ability to filter the unwanted lines as quickly as possible, delete and save is what would be most beneficial. Hope you might consider these idea/s for a possible later inclusion in an update or version.
> PS
> Dan, I trialled you Flash Renamer years ago along with around 20 other Flash Renamerr programs. From memory Flash Renamer ended up in my top three or four along with Name Wiz and WinFR. I ended up settling for the less well known small German program called WinFR which is an excellent program.
> I must say that your latest version is now very close and better in some respects inc the UI, folder rename + a few other options though it appears to miss out an upper/lower case alphabetic numbering option, which i've used for years. I can only find a random alphabetical sequence option with yours. That's about it, everything else looks and works very well. Its certainly one of the best Flash Renamerrs around and it's now on my program shortlist as an alternative FR for my present WinFR.
> Regards Glen
> *****@*****

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