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Subject: Re: Nice webpage

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 19:16:29 +0200

Well, it sounds like you would be best off with a web based solution. Somehow you would need to tie it together with your current systems and files. I think that a php based solution would be a good starting place. You would need a "lamp" server to get started developing. This is free and you don't need a "real" server until you go into "live". Php is pretty easy, but if you have not previous programming experience it sounds like a hard project to begin with.

// Dan

Dan wrote:
> Dan,
> Nice webpage, nice name too! Dan, I have an interest in creating a program that would assist an Airport Operations and Maintenance Department. I work as an Airport Operations Manager and much to my surprise our department uses bad excel spreadsheets, old pdf forms and horrible MS Word Applications that are very backwards to get our work done. Many other departments that I visit operate the same way. I would love to streamline the job.
> I want to create a program that would include a map of the airfield, status of certain runways and taxiways(NOTAM), current construction, airfield inspection reports, status of issued work orders on the airfield and an operations log. It would be used by many different users to log in and check status and make changes to the airfield status.
> I dont know where to begin or what platform would be best. Any suggestions, as I have no software programming knowledge at all?
> Very Respectfully,
> Daniel

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