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Subject: Re: Windows 7 & Flash Renamer

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 19:48:20 +0200


I should work to simply copy the files, but Vista can be tricky.

First read this excerpt from the manual:

Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a bit different. Because the setup program copies the settings to the common appdata folder, the files will inherit setups admin privelidges, so only a real admin (ie with UAC turned off) will be able to modify them. Vista has a solution called Virtualizing that will automatically make copies of the files to a VistualStore folder (typically %userprofile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\RL Vision\Flash Renamer\). This means that all users will have unique settings. If you don't like this, you can change the read/write privileges on the original files (typically stored in C:\ProgramData\RL Vision\Flash Renamer\) and give standard users write privelidges.

I suspect that the files you want are located in the "VirualStore" folder. Try to copy them instead!

// Dan

Nick wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just switched from Vista 32 to Windows 7 x64. Before doing so I saved the C:\ProgramData\RL Vision\Flash Renamer directory so my presets would be saved. After installing Flash Renamer on W7 I copied that directory back to the same location (overwriting the files already there) and ran Flash Renamer but the only presets that were there were the 3 default ones about MP3 renaming and basic file clean up. Does FR store the presets somewhere else under W7?
> Thanks
> Nick.

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